Blood Puppet

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Card Type: Conjuration
Placement: Battlefield
Attack: 0
Life: 2
Recovery: 0
Associated Spell: Summon Blood Puppet
Conjuration Limit: 5
Standard Deck: The Bloodwoods Queen
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Does this unit cost one place from the battlefield value from my opponent? May this unit be able to block? It has no attack points, but 2 life points. Can I destroy my own Blood puppet if it is blocking?


Yes, your opponent can block with it if you summon it onto their battlefield. That's why it's usually only in decks where the plan is to do direct damage (Screams of the Departed, Final Cry, etc) rather than attack with units.

Thanks for the fast answer! May I also put an Alteration Spell on the puppet?

Yes you can. 

If the Blood Puppet gains an exhaustion token, can it not use the Self Inflict side action?

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