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Card Type: Action Spell
Placement: Discard
Available In: The Roaring Rose
Exclusive To: Leo Sunshadow
Standard Deck: The Roaring Rose
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Is the "1 card at random" , a random discard, or can the controlling player choose?

Is the "1 card at random"  a random discard, or can the controlling player choose?

 Think you answered your own question.

The card is random.

Is it that we randomly look choose a card, then I can choose to discard it or take the damage, or is it that I have to choose to take the damage before I get to know which card I would have discarded? 

Either you discard RANDOMLY or you do not discard. But there's no "I just look quickly if I can afford that discard" step; if you discard, what you chose is revealed after it went to the discard pile, then you go on with the second effect. But if you do not discard, you basically do nothing but put 2 wound tokens on your Phoenixborn.

However, as long as a card was not discarded, you may still change your mind so you get the wounds instead. But if a card is chosen and discarded, no one can look at it until it does go to the discard pile. It's simple to begin acting like "oh sorry I did not mean to discard" when the chosen card is painful to get rid of ;)

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